The Width Of Linear Vibrating Screen Decides Production ,Length Decides Sieving Precision

For definite material ,the production productivity (yield ) of Linear Vibrating Screen mainly depends on the width of screen ,sieving precision mainly depends on the length of screen .

The screen is more length ,material on the screen can be sieve more long time ,sieving precision is more high .

The relationship of sieving time (sieving length )and sieving efficiency:

At first ,increasing sieving time a little , many “easy -sieving particle ” penetrate screen mesh in quantity .Sieving efficiency of Linear Vibration Sieve is increased quickly . Then ,easy-sieving particle is mostly sieved,remaining some hard sieving particle ,sieving time is increased ,but they can be sieved a little ,sieving efficiency is not increased a lot .Thus ,it’s not reasonable to sieving long time .

The width of screen must be also suitable ,and must keep a certain proportion relationship with the length of screen .when sifter load is equality ,the width of sifter is small but the length is large ,the layer of material on the screen surface is thick ,fine particle is hard to approach screen surface and penetrate screen mesh . Opposite ,when the width of Linear Vibration Sifter is large but the length is small ,although the layer of material is decreased ,fine particle is easy to approach screen surface ,but because particle stays with a short time on the screen surface ,the opportunity of penetrating screen mesh ,sieving efficiency must be reduced .Generally ,the ratio between width and length of sifter is 1 : 2.5  ~ 1 : 3.

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