The Working Principle And Suitable Industry Of Rotary Vibrating Screen

Three-D Rotary Vibrating Screen ,with upright motor as exciter ,has eccentric heavy weight both ends up and down.Making rotary movement of electrical machine transform into horizontal ,vertical ,incline three-D movement ,then transforming the movement to screen surface ,making material extend evolvent movement on screen surface,so ,these sets of vibrating screen are called Rotary Vibration Screen.

Rotary vibration screen has a long track of material movement,high-usage of screen surface.Adjusting phase angle of eccentric heavy weight ends up and down that can change the track of material movement on the screen surface and finely sieve material ,probability sieving,etc.

Suitable industry:

The Rotary Vibrating Sifter can sieve All kinds of powder industry ,any particle ,powder ,mucus in a certain range.

1.Processing industry :resin-oatmeal ,pigment ,washing powder ,micro powder ,oil paint ,soda ash ,lemon powder ,rubber ,plastic ,etc.

2.Abrasive material,ceramics : aluminum oxide ,silica sand ,slurry ,atomizing soil particle .

3.Food industry :sugar ,salt ,soda ,gourmet powder ,milk powder ,soybean milk ,yeast ,fruit juice ,soy ,vinegar ,etc.

4.Pepper-making industry :coating&painting ,coated slurry ,black&white liquid ,waste liquid ,pepper-making liquid ,waste water recycle .

5.Metallurgy industry :titanium oxide ,zinc oxide ,electromagnetism material ,metal powder ,welding rod powder ,etc.

6.Medicine industry :traditional Chinese medicine powder ,traditional Chinese medicine liquid ,western medicine powder ,western medicine liquid ,Chinese -western medicine particle ,etc.

7.Environment protection :rubbish ,waste oil ,Food waste water ,waste water processing ,etc.

Rotary Vibrating Screen

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